At Lovefoodies, we strive to make the ordering and delivery experience as convenient as possible for both individuals ordering meals, and any forms of food or edible product as well as the local Vendors preparing and delivering the meals, and any forms of food or edible product.

Delivery window and delivery times

Each Vendor provides a delivery window(Group pickup, Store pickup) in which their deliveries take place and they endeavor to meet that window on a commercially reasonable basis. The delivery window(Group pickup, Store pickup) is not guaranteed; however, and the actual times of delivery may be affected by several factors beyond the Vendor’s control. If all else fails, reach us on our Contact Us Page.

Specific delivery time requests

Vendors will not support specific delivery times unless they agree to it ahead of time because the actual times may depend on the routes for the day.

Pickup Guidelines
  • 1. If you have chosen to pickup your order, please follow the pickup window and pickup time provided by the Vendor to ensure they are available at the time of pickup.
  • 2. If a pickup is not made within the delivery window and you have not worked out an alternate pickup arrangement with the Vendor, the order is still final and not subject to a refund.
  • 1. All orders can be cancelled before the Vendors’ responses, whether "accept" or "reject", without any penalty and receive a 100% refund.
  • 2. Any orders cancelled after the Vendors’ responses, whether "accept" or "reject", are final and are not eligible for a refund and will be treated as final.
  • 3. Any refunds may take 7-14 business days before they show up on your credit card statement.
Missing, Spilled or Soiled Items

Step 1. If any of the meal items are missing, spilled in the bag, or otherwise not acceptable please utilize the help section in Lovefoodies App reporting the relevant issue to the Vendor. The complaint must include credible evidence such as phone, videos, photographs, and so on. Lovefoodies will notify the Vendor only if the evidence is verified in Lovefoodies’ sole discretion. The related negotiation is between the Buyer and the Vendor.

Step 2. If the response of the Vendor can not satisfy your request, please provide with the following information:

  • 1. The name of the Vendor / chef / kitchen / store
  • 2. The date and time of delivery, group pickup or store pickup
  • 3. Order number (if available)
  • 4. The items that were missing/spilled/damaged
  • 5. Attach pictures of the bag, wrap or box with the spilled/damaged items/li>